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August 04, 2019


San Francisco, August 2019 – The Sock Spot, novelty sock retailer has launched its first of several automated retail units at Westfield San Francisco Centre. The unit which is located by the Powell/Market Street Bart entrance of the concourse level at the shopping mall, features a selection of over 40 pairs of novelty socks, specialized to the shoppers of the San Francisco area.

Staying true to its motto which is “Change Your Socks…Change the World” The Sock Spot’s CEO, Ben Williams, seeks to find ways to think outside of the box and deliver more fun socks to more fun people.  Ben Williams’ perspective on the launch “To me, this represents something in retail that hasn’t been done. An evolution that allows a small online startup to expand the reach of our brand, deliver a unique, online-esque experience to brick and mortar, and use our wealth of digital knowledge to specialize the assortment, all packed into one location, without having to drastically expand our footprint.”

While at first glance this may seem like just a vending machine, The Sock Spot automated retail unit has and will continue to distance itself from the spiral candy dispensers of yesterday. Ben Williams on the unit, “The machine is definitely a change from vending machines that people are used to. It is 100% touchscreen and 100% cashless, accepting mobile payment and credit cards. It has an add-to-cart feature so you can shop and purchase more than 1 pair at a time. Soon, we will have an email capture feature, and once that is running, we will be able to issue rewards that can be redeemed at our online store for purchases made at the machine. With things like discounts, video, and much more coming, it is going to keep changing; adapting both its assortment and its interface to fit the people around it and offer a truly unique and interactive experience.” The Sock Spot has partnered with Digital Media Vending International, DMVI, to bring the concept to life. (

The Sock Spot has been selling fun socks online for over 2 years at, this new retail channel is an expansion of that, under the same brand. “As these machines get going, we hope to bridge the gap between them and our online store into a single seamless experience. We are excited to see what the future holds for both the machines and our website as we do this.”

This is the first unit, and The Sock Spot presence will continue to grow and expand “We think this could be everywhere. There are fun socks for everything nowadays, sometimes it is just a matter of letting people know they are available. This machine can do that, and with ties to over a dozen brands, we are excited to expand and get more fun socks to more fun people.”

The Sock Spot will soon be launching at Roseville Galleria, with plans to expand locations in the near future.

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