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3 Ways to Show How Awesome Someone is with a Pair of Superhero Socks!

November 05, 2018

3 Ways to Show How Awesome Someone is with a Pair of Superhero Socks!

The holidays are upon us, where did the time go? It seems like we are all so busy nowadays. Running to and from work, getting to the gym, dropping the kids off at school and practice, getting groceries. So much stuff to do, and yet we still get it done, almost as if we have super powers, like the one of your favorite comic superheroes, that are propelling us through the day. If you feel that way, or know someone who routinely displays their superhuman abilities, this holiday season, remind them how amazing they are with a pair of Superhero Socks! Here are 3 ideas on how to do it!

1. Write a kind note signed by the Superhero with a matching pair of Superhero Socks!

Getting anonymous gifts can be a great feeling for people, it reminds them that there is someone out there who acknowledges their efforts and wants to let them know they are doing a good job. Now what if that encouragement came from Captain America, or Superman? How awesome would that feel!?! So grab a pair of superhero socks, write a note of encouragement to a friend or family member and sign it with that hero’s signature! Now that will be a gift that makes someone’s day take flight! For laughs here is a fun article on what different superhero’s email signatures would look like, there may be some nuggets from here you can incorporate into your letter.


2. Leave the Superhero Socks somewhere they will find them during their day

Getting a random gift can be a lot of fun, but what can make it even better is finding that gift in a place you would least expect it! For an everyday superhero, the work never ends, and a lot of what they do might be part of the same routine that they do everyday. So if you want to make your gift of superhero socks extra special, figure out their routine and then place your gift somewhere you know they will find it as they go about getting stuff done. The pause from the chaos and the joy that the fun socks will bring will make your gift twice as impactful and 100% personal and heartfelt.


 3. Get each member of the family a pair of Superhero Socks!

A lot of times an everyday superhero might have a super family that they are supporting and getting support from. If that is the case, it can be a really fun idea to get the entire team some superhero socks! You can get matching ones or a different superhero for each person! Either way, help the group show off their superhero abilities with a pair of superhero socks for each of them! 

Giving a friend or family member a pair of superhero socks can really make their day and remind them that you think they are someone special, and we can all use that kind of reminder every now and then.